Alexandria Shipyard

Alexandria Shipyard had relied on Quasi Systems to upgrade the system drives on a level luffing crane. In accordance with the requirements of our clients, we have provided supply commission, and startup of two ABB ACS880 instead of the existing ACS800 drives.
A level-luffing crane is a type of crane where the hook stays at the same height while the jib is moved both up and down, thus allowing the hook to move closer or farther away from the base. It is essential to practice level-luffing during activities that involve moving a load at ground level, for instance in construction or shipbuilding. Consequently, our experts executed a solution which was built to achieve the same control connections with same functions; to maintain an accurate slow speed and fast stop at the end limits for forward and reverse directions.
After a decade of operation, a misconnection with the aged ACS800 drives occurred, resulting in failure to drives’ power electronic components. The custom-tailored solution was to set the drive with Outdoor Cranes’ specific solution, +N5050; which obtains mechanical brake control, slow down and end limit logic, antisway, hoist speed optimization, and shaft synchro. The ACS880 torque proving and brake open torque features ensures that the drive can build up the motor torque before safely open the mechanical brake and prevent the load slipping.