City Center Almaza-quasisystems

City Center Almaza

Egypt’s Almaza City Center mall and leisure center is a new complex that offers retail outlets,
restaurants, state-of-the-art IMAX cinemas, indoor skiing and other sports facilities. It is the size
of 18 football fields. In a hot climate the mall requires reliable and efficient air conditioning to
ensure that those visiting and working in the mall are comfortable.
The 130,000 square meter Cairo mall features 200 ABB ACH580 ultra-low harmonics drives to
ensure reliable air conditioning at the complex. Almaza is the first building in the region to
install these drives.
Quasi Energy Systems & Control Solutions, an ABB authorized partner, has played a key role in
implementing the HVAC system at the complex during the final stages of construction. ABB’s
ultra-low harmonics drives have all the same features in one device that competitors can only
offer with multiple devices. The ACH580 is also small, so it saves space and costs.