Egyptian Steel – Beni Seuf

Providing our customers, a custom-tailored turnkey solution to help them improve their performance based on our experience, specialists and partnerships, is always our main objective beyond our services. Accordingly, we are thrilled to share one of our latest successful turnkey projects with Egyptian Steel. After conducting site visits, and based on our customer’s requirements, we have taken the responsibility for replacing an old panel on a scrap crane at Beni-Seuf plant, which was not efficiently running its functions with a new panel. The scrap crane is a processed crane for scrap handling in steel industries. Scrap handling crane fights the high-temperature harsh environment for scrap handling, with high safety, reliability and smooth operation. Therefore, due to design issues within
the panel, drives couldn’t achieve high performance, thus led to insufficient operating performance of the crane. In contribution with our partners from TAQA who have designed and assembled the new ABB IS2 panel, we accomplished supply, install, commission and startup of ACS880 and DCS800 ABB drive as an upgrade to the existing ACS800. Alongside the processes, and in order to assure that all functions are working efficiently, our automation team have provided technical support to PLC Siemens S7300 with Profibus communication