Toshka Development Project

Over four years of hard work, Quasi Systems has been proud to take part in all phases of the Toshka development project, which is one of the largest national projects. Toshka Development Project is the largest of its kind in the agricultural rehabilitation sector in the Middle East and one of the major national projects implemented by the State under the guidance of President Abdelfattah Sisi. The project aims to add a new area of approximately 600,000 acres of agricultural land that could reach about 1 million acres in the future to meet the country’s wheat consumption Our company began its success trip in 2019 at the full seven stages, with the supply and startup of more than 500 ABB ACQ580& ACS880 and ABB PSTX, with 160-650 KW capabilities, where all VSD and Softstarters panels were assembled at our factory at the 10th of Ramadan city. Schneider M580 hot standby control panels were also supplied, assembled and programmed for some project phases; this included manual control panels and heat panels for motors, pressure & flow meters ABB were also supplied and operated.
In 2019, with the Agricultural Development and Industrialization Company, all ABB drives were supplied and operated to the private sector.
In 2020, the company made a strong presence under the supervision and implementation of the National Contracting Company in partnership with Madkour Contracting Company, we completed the first phase (Zone A, C, F, G) by assemble, supply and startup of all VSDs and Softstarters. We have also supplied and operated all of the stage power boards, manual control panels and the
assembly panels.

Thus, in 2021, we acquired phases 2, 3, 4 and 5 as follows:

  • II (Zone B, D, I, H) assembled and operated VSD and Softstarters panels
    at our 10th Ramadhan plant. In addition, we obtained the supply and assemble
    of manual control panels and heat panels with Madkour.
  • Phase III (Zone J, K) with El-Sewedy company T&D, we have obtained the
    supply, assemble and startup of all VSD, Softstarters, PLC automatic control
    panels, as well as all measurement devices (pressure transmitters, flowmeters)
    and manual control panels.
  • Phase IV (Zone E), where our company and Madkour acquired the supply,
    assemble and startup of all VSD, Softstarters and manual control panels.
  •  Phase V (Zone L) is also with the company Madkour, where we supplied,
    assembled and operated all the VSD, Softsarters, and supply, as well as the assemble
    and programming of Automated Control System panels and manual control
    In 2022, we acquired phases 6, 7, as follows:
  •  Phase VI (Zone R) together with Madkour, where our company obtained the
    supply, assemble and programming of Schneider M580 automatic control panels
    for the entire project.
  • Phase VII (Zone O) with the Water Management of the Engineering Authority,
    in cooperation with Summet for the supply, assemble and startup of a number of
    ABB VSDs, and with ABB for the supply, assemble and programming of 11 of the
    66 Schneider automatic control panels, as well as all of the project measurement
    devices (pressure transmitters, flowmeters) of ABB and manual control panels,
    this with cooperation with Orascom Construction Company and Kharafi